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See content all around you

Images, videos, and more, can be found all around you, in the locations that are the most relevant. Find back catalogues of music at your favorite band's show or mixes to download from your favorite DJ when they're spinning.

Augmented reality shows content everywhere

Save and view for later

And you can decide if a piece of content can be viewed later, downloaded, saved etc. See comments made on your content from anywhere, edit and delete it if you want.

keep your stuff- the stuff you make- separate fromt eh stuff you find.

Leave your own mark anywhere

Place content anywhere you want, on any layer you want. Art, architecture, business, music, and more... you can make it private, just for the people who subscribe to your layer, or public.

It's all about how you want to place content.

Beautiful content your way

BRIK is about content

Big beautiful videos and images, music files, sound files, messages and audio notes that you can leave and find anywhere.

And it's easy to join and set up.

Place things the way you want

You control your own content


You can decide how long your content stays, and how many people see it. But, importantly, BRIK is a creative tool, where everyone is invited and Racism, sexism, genderism, homophobia and xenophobia have no place.


Bring BRIK with to COLD WAVES 7 and find exclusive content all aroud you fromt eh great bands playing, messages, music, and great stories of how people fought back depression and hung in there for one more day. Let BRIK help tell stories of success, building the world together.

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